Workshop & Presentation



“In the womb the human embryo passes through all the development stages of the animal kingdom. At the moment of birth, human sensations are equal to those of a newborn dog. His childhood passes through all the transformations that correspond to the history of mankind. When he is eight years old, he becomes aware of violet, the colour that the eighteenth century had discovered, because before that the violet was blue and the purple snail red. Today the physicist points to colours in the sun’s spectrum that already bear a name, whose recognition, however, is reserved for the coming generation.”
Adolf Loos, Ornament and Crime, 1910

Could the new world order please stand up is a workshop and a presentation that combines concepts of superintelligence with modernist urban theory and real estate communications to describe some aspects of the contemporary city and its futures. Working with smoke and mirrors, paint and projections, plastic and air an image of our immediate future is being conjured in front of a real live audience. Together we describe the fields were enterprises are constructed by enterprises and the smallest unit, which today is just one fragment of an individual, is performing a 360 degree feedback. The new city believes in the power of action. The new city believes in the present not the future. The new city believe that constantly thinking about the future changes the nature of our present action and the new city will therefore no longer deal in future tenses.

posterECONOMYTor Lindstrand is an architect and Associate Professor at the KTH School of Architecture (Stockholm). He is currently involved in a collaborative research project on Power, Space and Ideology at KTH-A and Södertörn University. Under the umbrella of Economy he is working on the project Towards an Institution strategies for the making of an art institution in Fittja, Northern Botkyrka.


–> WORKSHOP: FRIDAY 5/12, 14.00 – 17.30 & SATURDAY 6/12 14.30 – 18.00

–> PRESENTATION: SATURDAY 6/12, 18.00 – 19.00