Reindeer_Safari_Jaakko_Ruuska_2Welcome to a program by the finnish art collective Other Spaces. Among other things we invite to a Reindeer Safari, a collective field study where all participants form a herd of reindeer, moving through semi urban spaces according to the rules that correspond to the natural group behaviour of reindeer. This work has toured Europe over the last years and is highly recommended! The program will also include a panpsychic parliament, workshop, seminars and an evening with discussions on how animals and humans share knowledge – an evening made together with Glänta and Göteborgs Konsthall.

19/4  Animal Knowledge (Djurkunskap) with Glänta & Göteborgs konsthall
+ Björn Berg Borg – Soundbased puppet theatre with prophetic fables & angry animals

23-24/4: Workshop: Laboratory of Panpsychism

25/4: Reindeer Safari

28/4: Panpsychic Parliament

29/4: Seminar: The Gothenburg Academy of Panpsychism

Other Spaces is a Helsinki based live arts collective since 2004. The aim of the collective is to create collective physical exercises through which people can visit “other spaces”, as entering in contact with the modes of being and experience other than human. Through its activities the collective wants to reduce planetary fear and to grant hope to survive. The activities of the collective vary from practical demonstrations and public workshops to thematic, experimental productions.

Most welcome!



01-writing-of-stones-50watts_900 2

Saturday 7/3
Annika Lundgren, Niklas Persson
and Kanslibyrån will host a program around themes like the populist politician as illusionist, the irrational as destabilizing element, everyday activities as rituals and the art of doing nothing in a production-focused society. Daytime workshop, and an evening with dinner, artistic works and socializing time. —> Read more

Saturday 14/3
California-based artist and curator Chiara Giovando has invited Leif Elggren and Marja-Leena Sillanpää to do a psychoacoustic evening-session, mining the spiritual layers of contemporary economy. This evening Johan Forsman & Anders Paulin will also show the performance Three White Soldiers. —> Read more

Saturday 21/3
Love Enqvist and Ewa Majewska will present a lecture-performance on utopia and economy, departing from Love Enqvists’ works Diggers and Dreamers and Magellania. It is a story on landscapes once part of utopian projections – landscapes that has an immaterial presence of the past and live as much in the imagination as in the real. Before the dinner Love and Ewa will lead a study group reading Jules Verne and Phillip Wegner, Imaginary Communities. —> Read more

Patricia Vane will also participate with the installation DESTORE, a shapeless, ever transforming concept store for new socioeconomic change where two modes of existence struggle for the spirit of humankind: to have or to be? The installation will be up and running all three evenings.

The program is part of the ongoing research work Three White Soldiers: Departing from algorithmic trading the work explores various ”time-spaces” operating beyond the human perception, and the use of patterns and images to visualize worlds and events impenetrable to the human horizon. Anders Paulin and Johan Forsman are currently doing research around notions like bitcoins, data-mining, minerals, cave paintings and earth inheritance.

Most welcome to join us!




29 JAN – 23 FEB

gate 1

If we imagine a gate we might think of an entrance to another state (national or mental) – it might be a place for phantasies, political negotiations, economical transactions, or even magical disappearances or dreams.

Caucasus for sure is a backdrop for dreams and myths, but also of conflict, war and traces of a fallen soviet empire. The region is naturally framed between big civilizations by the Black and Caspian seas, the big Caucasus Range, steps and diverse mountain ranges. From west it met Greek-Roman-Byzantine-European, from north: Scythes-Alan’s – Khazars – Slav’s, from east: Iranian – Mongols – Seltchucs, from south: Mesopotamian – Arabic…. The Great Silk Route was not only passing through the Caucasus – it was a crucial exchange point for goods between east and west.

During three weeks the Tbilisi based Tetsi Group will work together with invited artists to explore the idea of gates as a format for artistic interaction and learning. The concept of the gates brings the whole program of this thematic block into an processual uncontrolled artwork and proposes an understanding of art not primarily as objects on display, but rather as the creation of openings and journeys.

Information, program and tickets here.