We created SKOGEN as we started to understand that a lot of our reoccurring existential crises were due to structural problems: How to respond when the arts turns into accelerating amounts of temporary projects and a never ending fast food consumption of ideas and products. How to work (and live) in neoliberal times without being hijacked into a logic of branding, capitalization, attention, exposure, faster, and more and again and again…

We believe knowledge and art should be shared and managed as a common resource – as tools or vehicles that can bring us together for collective reflection, action and learning. We also believe that this means that we constantly have to question the formats for production and presentation – and that this is where art actually has the potential of becoming political.

SKOGEN is an artist run house for performing arts, supporting and producing associated artists from Gothenburg and abroad, organizing their work and research in formats like residencies, study groups, thematic blocks, productions, presentations, lectures, publications and seminars.

SKOGEN works with artists over longer time-spans, beyond the logic of single projects. We try to expand themes over time and to build connections between our city and the world, between the academy, activists and the arts.

We like to think of SKOGEN as an informal para-institution or academy. We support artists to share their work, knowledge and strategies. We invite people we want to learn from. And we warmly invite everyone interested to take part in talks, study groups, workshops and lectures – they are for free…

There is no set fee to see a show or joining a seminar SKOGEN, instead you are asked to make a voluntary dontation when leaving. Food is often served after presentations – we want you to hang around…


Skogen is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, The City of Gothenburg, The Region of Västra Götaland & The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee.