We created SKOGEN as we started to understand that a lot of our reoccurring existential crises were due to structural problems: How to respond when the arts turns into accelerating amounts of temporary projects and a never ending fast food consumption of ideas and products. How to work, live and learn in neoliberal times without being hijacked into a logic of branding, capitalization, attention, exposure, faster, and more and again and again…

SKOGEN is an artist run house for performing arts, supporting artists from Gothenburg and abroad, organizing their work and research in formats like residencies, study groups, thematic blocks, productions, presentations, lectures, publications and seminars.

We work with artists over longer time-spans, beyond the logic of single projects. We try to expand themes over time and to build connections between our city and the world, between the academy, the civil society and the arts. If you want to propose program or projects you can do that at: info [at] skogen.pm

SKOGEN is also a school, an infrastructure to form groups and collective processes without set goals. We think of the school as a tool to bring us together for collective reflection, action and learning. Read more about how it works and how to take part here.

To further expand our work Skogen have set up a community press where we print material from the processes at Skogen, and where people can learn open source software and print themselves at the cost of ink and paper.

In many ways SKOGEN and the school is an attempt to deal with our longing for something different: A place where we can be together inside of that which cannot be easily understood and articulated. A place where we will not be subject to paralyzing ideas of efficiency, of being measured and evaluated, of having to be immediately accessible. We long for a room where our curiosity is not instrumentalized, where artistic processes are not immediately packaged into commercial and palatable formats. A room where our words are not degraded by the pseudo-language of self management and project descriptions. All of this might be impossible – but we decided to stay with trouble and see what comes out if we give it a try.

Welcome to come by, attend performances or participate in the school program. After public presentations we often serve vegetarian food – we want you to hang around. For shows and dinners we have no set fee, but you are asked to make a donation when you leave. The program of the school is free and open to everyone.


Skogen is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, The City of Gothenburg, The Region of Västra Götaland & The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee.

PS: Skogen means forest in Swedish.