With this new piece, I continue the process of writing that I have developed in previous works. In the trilogy Black (2011), No Title (2014) and We to be (2015), I was exploring the possibilities and limits of language and how this extends into real space. The access to imagination took place through language, and the closeness to the audience developed with the writing. With oslo, I aim at another way of generating presence and imagination, where not only the performer on stage is central to what is taking place. This time the writing extends into the whole theatre space, multiplying the voices, the actions, the moments, the imaginations – the things and the beings.


created and performed by: Mette Edvardsen

in collaboration with: Mari Matre Larsen et al.

music composed by: Matteo Fargion

light design: Bruno Pocheron

LED software: Heiko Henning, Samuel Kress

thanks to: Heiko Gölzer

production: Mette Edvardsen/Athome, Manyone vzw

co-production: Kaaitheater (Brussels), BUDA (Kortrijk), Black Box teater (Oslo), Teaterhuset Avant Garden (Trondheim), BIT – Teatergarasjen (Bergen), Skogen (Gothenburg)

supported by: Norsk Kulturråd, Norwegian Artistic Research Program – Oslo National Academy of the Arts, APAP network (EU)