Lea Martini is a fan of idols, myths and other haunting creatures within the collective memory. She works as both dancer and choreographer and is based in Berlin. Lea studied at ArtEZ Arnhem and at the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam. Some years ago she fell in love with the working mode of the collective and is part of the groups White Horse and Deter/Müller/Martini. Her work braids ten evening filling pieces which are touring within Europe and abroad.


dancing plague

Two years after its first incubation at skogen the Dancing Plague is back.

Since the last couple of days, Skogen is inhabited by the Dancing Plague conglomeration:

Choreographer Lea Martini in collaboration with INU performance collective, video artist Roberto N Peyre and light designer Camilla Vetters are now preparing an evening between formal reduction and successive accumulation, between sensuos transactions and a plethora of media.

A haunting question is how to experience and touch the order of borders- between individual selves, group selves and no-selves, between the particles of a body and the one next to it, between a sorted performance and a splashy ritual.


Ritualistic Involution: INU Collective (Lisen Ellard, Katrine Johansen, Anna-Karin Domfors, Tea Harryson)

Performance Solo: Lea Martini

Performance Group piece: INU Collective

Video installation: Roberto N Peyre

Light design / Technic: Camilla Vetters

Dancing Plague: outburst 2016 will have its Premiere as Tanzplage Berlin in from the 10.-13. March 2016 at Sophiensaele Berlin. It is a production of Lea Martini, supported by Berliner Senat- Kulturelle Angelegenheiten, co-produced by Skogen, Mousonturm Frankfurt and Freies Forum Theater Düsseldorf


Berlinbaserade koreografen Lea Martini skapar tillsammans med ljud- och danskonstnären Tian Rotteveel (Amsterdam) en föreställning som smälter samman energier från två helt olika fenomen: Den formella föreläsningen och den kollektiva rave-dansens frenesi.

Föreläsningen dyker ner i ett flöde av teorier: drömlik biologisk medieteori, mikroorganismer, 1800-talets spiritistiska laboratorier och teorier om det synkrona. Samtidigt omsluts vi rejvandets ljud och rytmer som får oss att vilja studsa runt och tillsammans driva iväg bland fantasier och rörelser. Vilka ännu okända synergieffekter uppstår i det svallande gyttret av ljud, ord och kroppar.


Lea Martini är en av Skogens associerade konstnärer, och har under sista halvåret tillsammans med Tian Rotteveel haft en serie residens på Skogen för att undersöka och arbeta med föreställningen Bacteria. Undersökningen är en fristående fortsättning på verket Dancing Plague som tidigare producerats och visats på Skogen, och som nu turnerar internationellt.


Lea Martini (DE) works as choreographer, dancer and dance teacher. Her interest in physical intensities prompted her to train contemporary dance in Berlin and study choreography in at the ArtEZ and the School for New Dance Development in the Netherlands. She is co-founder of different collaborations such as the performance collective White Horse and Deter/Müller/Martini. Her latest choreographies were developed in collaboration with Noha Ramadan on Public Apologies in Deeply Really Truly, with Hilde Elbers to an endless beat in The Animated, with Marcel Schwald on the art of conversation in Host Clubs and with a diversity of artist in the ongoing project Dancing Plague which had its first emergence at skogen in 2014.

Tian Rotteveel (NL/DE) studied Music Composition at KMT Holland and choreography and dance at HZT-UDK Berlin. He created both musical and choreographic work and found a commitment in the midst of movement, sound and language being
interchangeable of each other and possible to treat them as pure intensity.
His choreography solo „Soulsqueezing“ (2011) combined the two, music and dance and has been toured extensively on numerous festivals and venues. Tian worked both as composer and performer with Diego Gil, Lea Martini, Anja Müller, David Zambrano, Jeremy Wade, Tino Sehgal, Christoph Winkler, Willy Prager, Herman Heisig and others.

BACTERIA is produced by Skogen.

Presented @ Skogen 26 + 27 + 28/5 2016