Anders Paulin is working internationally as director and dramaturge. Since the 90´s, he has been active within a wide range of practices at theatres as The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, and Theater Basel. Over the last years, the works have been exploring methods to use the theatre as platform for participatory practices; both by negotiating the economy of institutional theatre productions as in the curatorial project Temporary National Theatre at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, and with community-based work as in the Vertical Gardening-projects­ in Palestine together with Sara Gebran. Some of his recent projects are Wild Duck at Nationaltheatret in Oslo, Neither You Nor Me at MDT/Black Box/Caféteatret, Participatory vs Consensus at Göteborgs Dans och Teaterfestival and Parzival at Backa Teater, Göteborg.

Neither You Nor Me

– A performance by Anders Mossling & Anders Paulin

In “Neither You Nor Me” Anders M and Anders P together enter a journey through the narratives of Sophocle’s “Antigone”, Eschenbach’s “Parzival” and Melville’s “Bartleby”.

 The first material presents a number of dialectic positions – man/woman, king/citizen, law/religion – and the second is an invitation to follow the movement from singularity to subjectivity. The third story investigates the potential of doing nothing at all. Together they form the foundation for a series of examinations of the stage as a venue for, and encounters between, equal subjectivities; an arena for production of difference rather than identity, where participants and audience together can build imaginations of the infinite amount of potential existences, lives and destinies that isn’t our own.

The basic idea is simple: two individuals with identical references – age, background, gender, field – meet each other on stage in the act of storytelling; in acceptance and appreciation of the fact that we never will be able to share each others perspectives, or create an identity between them. Our verbal storytelling is projected through the perspectives of our bodies in the space, together with analogue animations produced with two overhead projectors, where we in a very simple, concrete fashion look at the basic notions of the narratives with the audience.

The staged body here, rather than being the representation of a certain identity, is trying out positions and perspectives, supporting the imagining act of the audience. The story is given the function of an interface, the membrane that both separates and connects the individual’s reading/interpreting it. In the same way, we contextualize the face as an interface; defining both the outside and the inside, the surface that activates a machine producing communication and exchange of meaning, rather than communicating a finalized meaning in itself.

 The objective of the project is to examine an updated toolbox for theatre. By merging methods and strategies from different art disciplines we aim to develop alternatives to traditional methods based on identity and mimesis, focusing on listening rather than understanding, and thus more suited to meet the needs of a post national world.

The project “Neither You Nor Me”, is a crossover platform using the theatre practice as venue for meetings between artists and researchers from different fields.