Paratactical is a site-specific performance of augmented reality. Using techniques of cinematic production, the continuous motion of human and non human bodies is captured and projected live, complicating the attention of the viewer and producing changing relations between the actual and the virtual. The world is constantly turning.
In Paratactical the audience is right ‘in the middle’ of the action. The performance happens on the periphery of the space, to the side and behind the public. A moving image of the space is always being projected. Where are we looking? What else is happening?

“I am attracted to situations of complex spatiality and directionality, and in their production through theatrical means. Previously, I’ve explored this through dance and live sound processing. Over the last two years I have begun working much more visually. I have engaged practices of touch, movement, and live image production as modes of thinking about orientations, proximity, and collective subjectivity.

Next to this I have been exploring different structures of writing, developing fictional texts and choreographic scripts which affirm holes, gaps, transformation (and the entrance of uncanny others). Paratactical includes the publication of Cassini & Other Minor Gods, a collection of semi-fictions, drawings and quotes which run alongside the performance. It is available in the kitchen during the presentations.”

Noha Ramadan is a choreographer living in Amsterdam. Her work is underscored by a love for language and structural experimentation, testing the relationships between things and their environments, and between meaning and its collapse. She also works as a dancer, performer, teacher and dramaturg in various European and Australian contexts. In 2017 she co-initiated Jacuzzi, an artist-run collective atelier in Amsterdam’s old west.