Technosomatics is a dance practice session to techno music, in which Frédéric Gies introduces you to the dance practice he developed.

Technosomatics is a workshop format open to anyone who has an appetite for dancing to techno. It is a practice that consists of a collective and individual exploration of the endocrine glands and chakras through club dancing to techno music as wells as the opposite: an exploration of club dancing while embodying the endocrine glands and the chackras. It is practiced mostly with closed eyes, and in a pitch-dark room. It approaches mainstream anatomy as a fiction, emphasizing the experienced body. It is also proposing another kind of collective and social experience, different from a somatic/dance class and from the dance floor. It offers a safe and genuine space for going under the social, being alone together and indulging in altered states of consciousness.


Alla dansare är välkomna!
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Address: Danscentrum Väst, Ärlegatan 3, Göteborg
Avgift för workshop: terminskort hos Danscentrum eller betala för enstaka klass.
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On Saturday Saturday 19 nov at 19.00 – 02.00 Frédéric Gies performance DANCE IS ANCIENT @ Röda Sten (Main hall/Katedralen). Don´t miss!!!