PERFORMING THERAPY (seminar & evening program)

Performing Therapy, is the third seminar within the artistic research project Performing Resistance by Annika Lundgren. Keynotes will be given by Nina Möntmann, Malin Arnell, Valentina Desideri and will be moderated by Annika Lundgren. Yak Kallop will also be presenting their performance Än mindre Hamlet (Ego Boy Going Chronos).
The seminar hopes to bring about new reflections on the nature and potential of therapy as resistance, as this has been touched upon by artists, philosophers and psychiatrists but methods have not yet been significantly developed. Art and therapy are historically linked through the concept of art therapy, understood as a creative method of expression that has been used as a therapeutic technique taking the dual roles of diagnosis and cure. Contrary to this traditional thinking, therapy could also be used to identify and analyze social and political hierarchies and power structures or as a method of de-programming us from the rhetorics of neo-liberalism, curing us from understanding ourselves as passive consumers, regaining our status as active citizens.
Performing Resistance is an artistic research project by Annika Lundgren and consists of three co-dependent parts: a series of interdisciplinary seminars on resistance; the Archive for Resistance Strategies to collect knowledge and ideas resulting from the seminars; and the performing of the archive material through lectures, workshops and actions.

10.00-18.00: Seminar
Bus leaves from Valand Academy, Vasagatan 50, at 10.00.
The seminar includes keynotes by Nina Möntmann, Malin Arnell, Valentina Desideri, and is moderated by Annika Lundgren.
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18.00-23.00:Evening program at Skogen
The bus driving to the seminar locations, stops at Skogen at 18.00, where the evening program starts with a free dinner, made by Kristin Bergman.

After the dinner Annika Lundgren introduces the Archive for Resistance Strategies , and together with Malin Arnell she sums up the topics and discussions from the previous keynotes. This is followed by Yak Kallop presenting their performance Än mindre Hamlet (Ego Boy Going Chronos).
If you do not join the seminar, but still wishes to join the evening program, sign up below.
No admission for the evening program: Just join if you like. A volontary dontation will be possible.
The seminar will be in English.