Angela Schubot & Robert Steijn



Brothers is a performance of Angela Schubot and Robert Steijn in which they move through  different altered mind and body states. From a traditional perspective Brothers could be seen as a dance in limbo, it is all about taking time and details. From a ecological view however Brothers could be a meditative event, in which the dancing body loses slowly the distinction between inside and outside. Brothers deals with the uncultivated und untamed in and around us.
When the forest starts to speak in us, we lose our idea what is to be human. Voices do not refer any longer to the domain of logic and language. Emotions get the status of a daily weather report. Thoughts become monuments of resistance.  One question remains: can we stay brothers in the eye of the hurricane, can we stay in dialogue with each other when life reveals the beauty of its unmasked face.
Robert Steijn and Angela Schubot, two independent choreographers and dancers traveled together to Mexico to study the indigenous knowledge about the healing quality of dance. Robert became intrigued how we can stretch the perception of the mind, influenced by working with indigenous shamans and healers. Angela wanted to develop a body state that resonates the inner flow in her body, an interest that was already provoked by her fascia therapy education in Europe, but got even more intensified in the rituals in which they worked with the consciousness of plants.

Angela Schubot is co-founder of Two Fish (2000-2012) with Martin Clausen. Since 2009 she works with Jared Gradinger, developing pieces about the topic of debordering of the body, which tour successfully. Since since 2011 she is working with and for Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir. Beside she works and has worked with theatercombinat Wien, Dorky Park/Constanza Macras, pictoplasma, Rahel de Joode and Jefta van Dinther among others. Besides her most continuous collaboration partners Martin Clausen, Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir and Jared Gradinger she is deeply influenced by the artists Rosalind Crisp and Benoît Lachambre.
Angela Schubot is still interested in Solo works based on intensive phases of movement research, which are the core of her collaborations. In 2015 she dedicated to her Solo-Triologie  “Körper ohne Macht”  in collaboration with Margret Sara Gudjonsdottir (Part 1 „in the blind spot“, sophiensaele ), with Martin Clausen ( Part 2 „the fire from within, Uferstudios/Tanzfabrik) and with herself (Part 3, „Körper ohne Macht“ , Hebbel am Ufer). Schubot is teaching movement research and is coaching a.o. at DOCH/University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, ImPulsTanz Wien, HZT-Berlin and SMASH Berlin. In 2013 she started her education in fascia-therapy according to the method of Danis Bois and will be working as a healer/ health practitioner soon.
Robert Steijn (1958), based in Amsterdam and Mexico city as a choreographer, director, dramaturge, performer and writer.
He founded together with frans poelstra the company united sorry, based in vienna, they made work for theatres, galleries and the public space. their latest projects were the location event the forest project during Steirische Herbst Festival 2014, and the concertperformance “No nothing”( Vienna 2015).
He made two solo performances in the format of lecture performances, as  “facing the invisíble” about the death of his father (2003) and “a reborn smoker”, a dance solo testing the magic beliefs of himself and the audience based on shamanic strategies. Now he starts to develop a snake dance and teaches this solo to others.
He likes to work in duet form with other choreographers from different backgrounds. He worked with choreographers as Latifa Labissi (Rennes), Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker (Rosas/Brussels), Maria Hassabi (New York), Georg Blaschke (Vienna) Christina Rizzo (Bologna)and Laura Rios (Mexico City) He made his last duet with the Mexican choreographer Ricardo Rubio, called “prelude on love” that premiered in Sao Paolo in november 2015. He will be artist in residence of ceprodac in mexico city in 2017. Now he prepares a duet with Angela Schubot, what will premiere in februari 2017 in Berlin.
Within the field of visual art he works with frans poelstra ( a.o. Lentosmuseum Linz, Fondation Cartier in Paris) and Christine Laquette ( pioneers in New York)
He is a  teacher in choreography as a conteporary ritual and teaches at the SNDO in Amsterdam, p.a.r.t.s in Brussels, Apass in Brussels, Hzau in Berlin, Doch in Stockholm and sometimes during Impulstanz in Vienna.


Robert Steijn is one of the reoccuring artists at Skogen. In 2014 we showed the performance Deer Dance and co-produced “Prelude to love”, where Robert worked with the mexican dancer Ricardo Rubio. We are now happy to introduce the work of Angela Schubot in Gothenburg.

The performance is a collaboration between Danscentrum Väst, Konstnärsnämndens Internationella Dansresidens & Skogen.

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