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Frédéric Gies and Anna Perhsson invite you to a 2h44min evening of dance, infused with the contagious beats of the techno set created by Fiedel for the occasion. During this evening, Anna and Frédéric will dance their At the bottom left corner, and Frédéric his Ribbon dance.

Both dances, which are dances of the in-between (in-between bodies, objects and histories) make manifest in two different yet connected ways the drives and forces that set off bodies or things in movement and the movement potential to self-generate, like a motor activated by its own energy. Although they inevitably communicate something else, these dances don’t seek to communicate anything but themselves and the subterraneous currents that traverse them.

At the bottom left corner
Dance: Frédéric Gies and Anna Pehrsson
DJ: Fiedel
Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo
Tights: Such a Sally

Ribbon dance
Dance: Frédéric Gies
DJ: Fiedel
Research collaborator: Carla Bottiglieri
Ribbon ready made: Anton Stoianov
Lighting design: Thomas Zamolo
Thanks to: Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Cristina Caprioli
Special thanks to: a techno and dance lover called Slaven Rupic, dancers from Senegal whose names remain unknown, a dancer from the US called Trisha Brown

Ribbon dance is part of Frédéric Gies research project “Bad girls practices: un-writing dance, the body and the choir”, which he currently develops at DOCH-UNIARTS.


Frédéric Gies is a dancer and a choreographer, based in Stockholm and Berlin. After having danced in the works of various French choreographers in the 90′s, he started to develop his own work, which focuses on the articulation between dance, choreography and politics, and more precisely on how dance and choreography can address politics in a non-representational way. He creates his pieces alone or in collaboration with other choreographers (Jefta van Dinther, DD Dorvillier, Manuel Pelmus, Isabelle Schad, Alice Chauchat, Frédéric de Carlo, and Odile Seitz) or with artists from other disciplines (Fiedel, Anton Stoianov, Daniel Jenatsch, Andrea Keiz). He has been one of the initiators of the collective praticable. He also danced in pieces of other choreographers (Jefta van Dinther, Antonja Livingstone, Petra Sabisch, Isabelle Schad). Since 2012, he is a senior lecturer in choreography and head of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH, School of Dance and Circus – SKH. He is currently developing a research project at DOCH: “Bad girls practices: un-writing dance, the body and the choir”. In this frame, he created the experiment Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere, a collaboration with the DJ Fiedel and the visual artist Anton Stoianov.

Anna Pehrsson was educated at the Ballet Academy 1997-2000 and the Performing Group 2000-2001. She then continued as freelancer in Danmark, Switzerland, and Germany. She has worked at the Stockholm City Theatre (S), Alias Compagnie (CH), Recoil Performance Group (DK) and for choreographers such as Alexandra Waierstall (DE), and Rachel Tess (S/USA). In 2011 Anna worked with the Judson Church legend Deborah Hay (USA), and in 2013 she obtained an MFA in Dance and Choreography at DOCH, Stockholm. She is currently a member of the Cullberg Ballet(S)but continues to pursue her own choreographic projects and collaborations.

Fiedel is a DJ, resident of the famous Berlin club Berghain. He started to dj publicly in the mid 90s on Mondays at a club called Subversiv, which then has been a constant in Berlin’s underground techno scene. He is also part of MMM, a collaboration between him and Errorsmith. Their track “Donna” is considered a much played techno classic. In fall 2012 Fiedel started his own label called ‘Fiedelone’ to release his solo productions.