Den 10-13 april 2014 genomför ICIA seminariet och workshopen State of the Arts Part II: the role of the artist as activist in the age of neoliberalism för de medverkande konstnärerna, aktivisterna, curatorerna och poeterna i utställningen En annan bild av Sverige.

Som en del av dagarna öppnar ICIA för allmänheten i olika programpunkter. Dagarna inleds med en öppen föreläsning av Stephen Duncombe och Steve Lambert från Center for Artistic Activism i New York, på torsdagen den 10 april kl 18. Workshopen avslutas med öppna föredrag av konstnärerna Joanna Rajkowska och Johannes Samuelsson på söndag den 13 april kl 12-14.

Workshopen och seminarieprogrammet genomförs med stöd av Statens kulturråd, Polska Institutet och med ett generöst samarbete med Mornington hotel Stravaganza. Alla öppna föreläsningar och hela workshopen genomförs i samarbete med Skogen.



ICIA has invited the founders Stephen Duncombe (sociologist) and Steve Lambert (artist), of Center for Artistic Activism in New Nork to hold an open lecture.

The Center for Artistic Activism is a place to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice.  Creative activism  is more than just an innovative tactic, it is an entire approach: a perspective, a practice, a philosophy. Everyone with an interest in the relation between artistic practice and social acitivism is welcome to this open lecture about Center for Artistic Activism, which follows by an artist presentation by Steve Lambert.

The lecture is starting up a three day workshop – State of the Arts Part II: The Role of the Artist as Acitivist in the Age of Neoliberalism – in relation to the upcoming exhibition Another Swedish Image, August 22 – September 15. The three days will be a preparation workshop with the participating artists, poets, activists and curators in the project.

The workshop State of the Arts Part II: The Role of the Artist as Acitivist in the Age of Neoliberalism is made possible through a grant from the Swedish Arts Council, and by support from the Polish Institute and a generous collaboration with Hotel Mornington Stravanganza.

—> Thursday 10/4, at 18:00

—> Free entrance. No booking in advance.



Artists Joanna Rajkowska and Johannes Samuelsson are individually invited to participate in the exhibition Another Swedish Image in Gothenburg August 22- September 15. As a finale of the closed workshop State of the Arts Part II: The Role of the Artist as Activist in the Age of Neoliberalism between April 10-13, ICIA opens for everyone to join us for artist presenations by Joanna Rajkowska and Johannes Samuelsson on Sunday April 13 at 12-2 pm.


Joanna Rajkowska´s unique artistic vision and methodology combines subjective narratives and critical discourses with a deeply felt concern for the spaces in which her work appear and the people they touch. Instead of simply invading or occupying public spaces, she blurs the identities and hidden tensions associated with them. Rajkowska will talk about her artistic practice in general and about her relation with the city of Gothenburg.

Order the book Where the Beast is Buried online

Read more about Joanna Rajkowska here


The artist Johannes Samuelsson works with photography, text and video and is often working in the boarder between artistic practice and investigative journalism. He has worked with the project Ostindiefararen in Gothenburg and its formation and conflicts surrounding it. Another of Samuelsson’s project is Korvkriget (The War of Sausages), which took place in Umeå and amongst other things included a manifestation for the hot dog seller Helmer Holm. During 2013, Samuelsson has been very engaged in the city development of Umeå and its change for the Cultural Capital year 2014, most especially in the centrally located and important place called Apberget. Johannes Samuelsson and the poet and Glänta editor Linn Hansén are invited to participate in the project Another Swedish Image, where the starting point is their common interest in citizen dialogues as a part of a democratic processesand its shaping and formation in the public sphere, in particular in relation to the upcoming celebration of Gothenburg being 400 years in the year of 2021.

—> Sunday 13/4, 12:00 – 14:00

—> Free entrance, Reservations here.



Sinziana Ravini är curator, konstkritiker och chefredaktör för Paletten #295. Hennes föreläsning presenterar tankar och teorier utifrån hennes kommande bok på temat konst och rasism, som ges ut av Glänta förlag i augusti.

–> Lördag 12/4, 16.30. Fri entré.



Buffé, vin och mingel på Masthuggsteatern, granne med Skogen. Under releasen visas videoverket: Universal Minimum Wage Commission av Elmas Deniz.

–> Lördag12,4 17.30 – 20.00 – fri entré