Here´s how it works:
The first horizontal line is decided by the opening price; the other horizontal line by the closing price.
These lines are connected by two vertical lines; and together they constitute a square. This square is called the real body.

If the closing price is higher than the opening, the real body is left hollow. In the opposite case, when you have a closing price below level of the opening, the real body is filled in with a color – most often black or red.

If the opening price and the closing price is identical, which is very rare, you don´t have any body at all – it will just be a line. We don´t know if this line has a name.

During the given time frame, there will almost always be some variations of the price that goes both above and below the area covered by the real body. This is drawn as vertical, singular lines, left in the end without any horizontal line. This is called the shadow. So, in most cases the real body comes with two shadows.

These are the basic figures of the language by which our material reality is being communicated.