FOTO: Per Nilsson

Arne Kjell Vikhagen will discuss the aspect of progression in computer games and how it links to the binary relationship between life and death. Conflict and tension are central aspect of play as well as the metaphor of war, perhaps most often mediated through the stereotypical first person shooter games. How are artists that work with Game Art addressing this issue? Is there such a thing as peaceful Game Art? Is there a subversive force in the rigid rule-structures of games?

Arne Kjell Vikhagen is a PhD student in Digital Representation and The Valand Academy, Gothenburg University. His PhD project and art practice in general concerns the relationship between art and play. His first Game Art exhibition was in 2003, and he has been working with Game Art since then.  He is also a teacher and the Director of Studies at fine art, Valand Academy.