Picture This


I am, according to experience, described as a German with an immigrant

I flinch at this definition.

How can that be?

My foreignness–in this case meaning my ‘non-germanness’ on account to
my ‘foreign blood’–is pure fiction. As is my being a woman or being
young or being an artist.

Back to foreignness: I grew up with the history of the French-colonial
là-bas, but i was mainly in the mainland European ici.

My experience of and with Algeria is supplemented by photography and
myths of the Middle East. I continue to forge this bridge. I have a
substantial collection of foreign photography and stories like those
from One thousand and One Nights with which I fabricate my western
identity. Imagine it; picture this.

I am your storyteller. I offer you the finest in Orientalism, baby:
stories of beautiful, veiled and lonely women gone mad, of homoerotic
steam baths, of toes which have grown together, of women in the Algerian
resistance movement.

An evening about the power of the narratives which form our
consciousness and which questions our gaze upon ____the foreign .

In Your Air

Olle Huge & Filip Bagewitz

En inzoomning rakt ut i luften. Live-projicering med improviserad oud-musik.

Olle Huge arbetar med rörlig bild, ljud och rummet i realtid. Hans verk riktar ett slags mikroskop mot miljöer vi lever i och accepterar som normala.

KONCEPT: Olle Huge MUSIK: Filip Bagewitz I SAMARBETE MED: Skogen.