We are rebuilding our website and at the moment we are not updating our archive. Our program 2012 – 2017 is listed under each year (check the menu)

Here is some stuff we did so far 2018:

Frederic Gies: Walk & Talk
Karin Verbaan & Emelie Zetterberg: Iris Project
Rodrigo Sobarzo: Estuarino
Kan vi drömma om institutioner: Studiegrupp
Silicon Utopism: Studiegrupp
Objects and Room: Studiegrupp
Juan Dominguez: Between what is not any longer and what is not yet
Karolin Kent: Nutidens Epidemi
Johanna Malm & Malou Zilliacus: The greenhouse affect (work in progress)
Para Nordic Conference
Keynote: Bojana Cvejic
Art on Sunday: Bokrelease med Kanslibyrån
Frihetsförmedlingen: Samtidsbyråkraten – minisymposium
Dinner with Lucas Ospina
Art on Sunday: Samtal om Skolan
Art on Sunday: Delcy Morelos & Rodrigo Sobarzo
Ateljésamtalsgruppen: Studiegrupp.
Physical Onthology: Patricia Vane
Chromatic Materials and Hallucinations: Study Group