Hi! I am one of the the initiators and the artistic director of Skogen. For the last 15 years I have been working in the field of performings arts, both as artist, programmer/curator and initiator/facilitator. Before moving into theatre I studied cultural management, philosophy and literature at the Gothenburg University.

My work moves along the double perspectives of both facilitating artists and occationaly making works myself. With this double perspective my interests as programmer and artist coincides around the wish to rethink and explore the relations established around artists, audiences and curators in producing and presenting art. I am interested in developing strategies to rethink notions like project/product, the information-model of sender/receiver, and the creation of a fictional inside/outside. In general, my work often create situations where it’s less about putting things on display (and making people look at something), but rather producing platforms or interfaces for people to meet, learn, negotiate and share knowledge and experiences.

My works from the latest years include ZOO, Insulinom, Sjömanskyrkan inombords, Grodden, Skogen tar Weld till skogen – all of them together with Johan Rödström. I am currently working with Anders Paulin on a long term reserach project on material/immaterial aspects of contemporary economy, so far resulting in the piece Three White Soldiers, a performance oscillating between algorithmic trading and shamanistic practices.