Technosomatics is a format open to anyone who has an appetite for dancing to techno. It is a practice that consists of a collective and individual exploration of the endocrine glands and chakras through club dancing to techno music as wells as the opposite: an exploration of club dancing while embodying the endocrine glands and the chackras. It is practiced mostly with closed eyes, and in a pitch-dark room. It approaches mainstream anatomy as a fiction, emphasizing the experienced body. It is also proposing another kind of collective and social experience, different from a somatic/dance class and from the dance floor. It offers a safe and genuine space for going under the social, being alone together and indulging in altered states of consciousness.

Fiedel (resident at Berghain) will Dj for this session.

Järntorget, Olof Palmes Plats



Technosomatics is a dance practice session to techno music, in which Frédéric Gies introduces you to the dance practice he developed.


On Saturday Saturday 19 nov at 19.00 – 02.00 Frédéric Gies performance DANCE IS ANCIENT @ Röda Sten (Main hall/Katedralen). Don´t miss!!!