Robert Steijn founded together with Frans Poelstra the company united sorry, based in Vienna, they make work for theatres, galleries and the public space. Their latest project (2012) is the year long event Green conversations in Vienna. For steirische herbst in Graz 2013, they will make a site specific forest project with six performers and two musicians playing with the phantasms about sexuality and nature. In 2011 United Sorry made the performance Propaganda for the performance group the Symptoms in Budapest. Robert collaborated also with choreographers as Latifa Labissi (Rennes), Anne Teresa de Keersemaeker (Brussels), Maria Hassabi ( New York), Georg Blaschke ( Vienna) and Christina Rizzo (Bologna). He directs and writes theatre-plays for Theater im Bahnhof in Graz as lately the performance “Lust und Verrat (2013), Theater der Jungen Welt in Leipzig and worked with the puppet-player and visual artist Stefanie Oberhoff in Stuttgart. With the french visual artist Christine Laquette in Nantes he made a performance about art and shamanism, under the title “never forget the jungle” As a solo-artist he is a deer-dancer and he started making a new solo for galleries and theatrespaces, called ” it is in your hands stupid”.

Den 23 April 2014 spelas Robert Steijns solo Deer Dance på Skogen. Det är också upptakten för ett block som genomförs av Robert Steijn under oktober 2014.