– Concert –


18 JAN, at 21.00
(Inside a program with presentation of workshop at 19.00 and dance night from 22.00)

Flipsides (photo Tian Rottveel)

Flipsides is a spectral soundconcert. Where a process of unstoppable sound is transformed into meaning and organized music, but also into the domain of mere sensation. Unrecognizable sound activates sense making processes but also stimulates the visceral capacity of the body entraining with a phenomena of sound.  Such sound is being worked on, and carefully transformed into the very musical domains, opening narrative, harmonic and orchestral music. Exploring the flipside between electronic and acoustic music, and the flipside between the understandable and the non-understandable.

Live music performance and compositions: Tian Rotteveel

Duration: approx. 50min

Tian Rotteveel (NL)(’84) studied music composition (2002-2009) at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and HKU-KMT in Utrecht and currently finishing his study in choreography and dance at HZT in Berlin where he commits to the practice of movement, sound and language as one intertwined practice. His solo performance work Soulsqueezing (2011) has an ongoing international tour since its premiere. His chamber orchestral works for music ensembles such as MAE-Ensemble, Rosa Ensemble in Holland had appearances in acclaimed concert halls in Holland and broadcasts on the Dutch Radio. Rotteveel has been working with MAE-Chamber Ensemble, Jeremy Wade, Tino Sehgal, Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot, Lea Martini, David Zambrano and taught voice and sonic movement research to Meg Stuart’s Damaged Goods, SEAD, Plesna Izna Maribor, Goethe institute Sofia and other places.