YOGA Center will host the night club providing signature drinks, music, aroma therapy, and the YOGA Center archive. Gluey-C brings you €-snacks, Eco-Synth and visual explorations. A silent, static, yet crumbling and entropic archive by Aude Pariset och Juliette Bonneviot will be present. In the space, the aura of the orignial will also shine around Open ❄ Shape’s printed sculptures.

YOGA Center is a creative collective run by Daniel Iinatti, Ida Lehtonen and Pontus Westerberg. YOGA Center is a place to revive, renew and regain balance of the mind, body and spirit. A place that dialogues with your senses.

Aude Pariset (1983, Versailles, FR) lives and works in Berlin. She has had solo exhibitions at Favourite Goods, Los Angeles; Sandy Brown, Berlin; CEO gallery, Malmö. Recent group exhibitions include: “Meanwhile..Suddenly and then” 12th Lyon Biennale and “Sunbathers” at 1857.

Juliette Bonneviot (artist, b. 1983 in Paris, France) graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2008, she lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include  ‘Entre Temps… , Brusquement, Et ensuite’ 12th Biennale de Lyon (2013); ‘False Optimism’, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork (2013); ‘Analogital’, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City (2013); ‘Last Spring/ Summer’ (with Aude Pariset), Les Urbaines, Lausanne (2012); ‘Shanghai Gesture 2’ (solo), Wilkinson Gallery, London (2012); ‘entrance entrance’, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (2012).

Open ❄ Shape is a curatorial project run by Jasper Spicero.



//////////////// Friday November 15 ////////////////

18:00 Pop-up store: Schütutehemd

Schuh-tüte-hemd is: 1. Online shop & website dedicated to research on contemporary and traditional fashion design and textile art. The selection of clothes is guided by their concept, unconventional connections to fabrics and forms, that give them new meanings and functions. 2. A Collective of two designers, based in Berlin, engaged in various fields of arts, & 3. A thing that is unspecified of unknown (we found STH strange to wear / sewed STH from an old fabric).

19:00 Schutütehemd / Performing the Archive: Playlist

JPG 1994 (8:14)
JPG 1999 (4:35)
Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 1992 (4:26)
Comme Des Garcons Spring Summer 1992 (4:15)
Yohji Yamamoto Sssss 1991 (4:18)
Issey Miyake Sssss 1993 (4:38)
Issey Miyake ss 1993 (3:30)
Yohji Yamamoto ss 1992 (5:02)
Yohji Yamamoto aawww 1991 1992 (4:03)
Yohji Yamamoto aawwww 1989 1990 (4:22)


20:00 Book Release: Communicating the Archive: Physical Migration

Official release event of Communicating the Archive: Physical Migration – a publication containg works and texts by Ida Lehtonen, Kari Altmann, Lisa Ehlin, Sandra Rafman, Michael Shanks, Artie Vierkant and Karl-Magnus Johansson (ed.), published by the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg, a division of the Swedish National Archives, co-edited and designed by Gluey-C

The Regional State Archives invited the artist Ida Lehtonen to let her artistic practice encounter the archives. In Communicating the Archive: Physical Migration, Lehtonen’s work
is presented and examined from an archival and media archaeological standpoint. Somewhat disregarding traditional archival values such as preservation, security and authenticity, this volume reconsiders the archive post-Internet through contributions from scholars and practitioners
of diverse fields: art, psychology, digital culture, archaeology and fashion.


20:30 Screening: Jon Rafman – A Man Digging

In Jon Rafman’s film, A Man Digging, the narrator undertakes an evocative journey through a nostalgic wasteland. He is caught between past and present, between history, narrative and fiction, as he roams through the uncanny spaces of a video game massacre, frozen in time. The narrator’s monologue generates an erotics of memory as the simultaneously banal and spectacular scenes placed before the viewer meet his heady desire, and the film betrays an ontological rupture cloaked in the language of Benjaminian reflection.

Jon Rafman is an artist, filmmaker, and essayist born in Montreal. He received his Master’s of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has exhibited at the New Museum, the Palais de Tokyo, and the Saatchi Gallery. Rafman’s work, inspired by the rich contradictions that technology presents, has been has been featured in Modern Painters, Frieze, The New York Times, and Artforum.


21:00 Show: Jens Records – Space Acid Jam

Gothenburgian Acid House Label Jens Records performs live in correspondence with archival documentations of Apollo XVI

22:00 – Skogen is closing. C u tomorrow


//////////////// Saturday November 16 ////////////////

18:00 Drinks

18:30 Fredrik Gunve – Cronicle: Quest Reprise

19:00 Skype-lecture: Jasper Spicero – Generation Works / Open Shape.

20:00 Performance: Elina Minn – You Deserve Better Hearing.

Elina Minn is a Helsinki-based artist working with animation, film and performance. In her latest solo exhibition You Deserve Better Hearing Minn was invited by curator Minna Nyqvist to make a new work based on the collections of Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku. The exhibition consists of an interactive 3D video work, digitally printed textiles and a performance. Minn took an interest in the archives of Aaltonen’s personal conversation notes that the deaf sculptor had used to be abet to discuss with his friends and colleagues,. In her performance Minn contrasts the way these everyday notes carry information to the heroic statues that the Finnish state commissioned him to make after the wars. The You Deserve Better Hearing project is an experiment in presenting the museum collections in a new way by digitalization and an artistic act of non-linear and subjective reading of history.

21:00 Lecture: Kari Altmann – VITAL CONTENT (BioWar)

Biological and exoticized language drenches the interfaces between us and today’s technology and products, but what cultural logic lives behind an array of selected profile images, a meme on Tumblr, or a cluster of Google image search results? Artist Kari Altmann talks us through an exploration of content management, algorithms, brands, and current visual cultures which must contend with these structures, using examples from her own ouevre and beyond. Expanding on points from recent projects on the relevance of algorithms and the role of images today, she will focus on the idea of vitality as it relates to identity and survival in today’s informational ecosystem.

Kari Altmann is a cloud-based artist in New York with a BFA from MICA. She is an ongoing participant in microcultures and conceptual social media. She is the creator of the R-U-In?S platform, and experiments with ideas of algorithms, art direction, and content management as they relate to all mediums. Her work is often focused on cultural technology and the structures that shape today’s meta awareness of brands, genres, memes, templates, trends, and tribes. She has done projects with the Hirshhorn Museum, Goethe Institute, Art Dubai, New Museum, Dis Magazine, American Medium, and many more.

22:00 YOGA Center Night Club